How to Activate Siri on Mac with Voice [Enable Hey Siri]

At present everyone uses MacBook. Those of you who use the Apple MacBook. Or use. This is our post for them. In this post, I will show you how to activate macOS Sierra and Hey Siri on a computer.

Today’s article is very important for you. Because you are searching on Google in different ways to know this. Today we will share all the information through this screenshot.

So friends, let’s not exaggerate, let’s move on to the main discussion. I hope you understand. I am going to start today’s article by welcoming everyone.

how to activate siri on mac with voice

Today we will inform you about this kind of special information through this post. Those of you who are looking for ways to activate. This is our post for them. You can find out by reading today’s article.

You can do this using keyboard shortcuts. For this, first you have to go to System Analysis. Then click on Access Ballet. Scroll down and click on Detection.

Then check the box to enable the detection keyboard phrase in the right panel and then change the IMT from the computer. On the Accessibility page, click the Dictation Command button.

how to enable hey siri on mac big sur

Check the box to enable advanced commands, and then click the “+” button to add a new command. I hope you understand through this post.

I am going to start today’s article by welcoming everyone. Today we will talk about MacBook. Use your MacBook. This is our post for them.

In this post, I will tell you how to activate your sherry. Read the article carefully. Because for your convenience, we will give you all the information

how to activate siri on macbook air

through the screenshot in this post. What to do with your keyboard. So friends read the article carefully we have discussed all the information

in detail through the screenshot. If you have any problems, please visit our website and let us know. Many of you want to disable stairs from your Enable Siri MacBook.

Today we will let you know through this post. First, you need to click on the system preference menu bar. Then click on the Stairs button. Then you have to select the serial system preference.

how to enable hey siri on mac catalina, monterey

Next, you must click on Enable and Disable. The diameter became disabled. So friends, through this post I have given you all the information.

If you want to get any more information, you can find out by visiting the website. We will try to present all the information to you through screenshots.

Then friends must read the article. Below are some links. The link provides detailed information on how to know your unique functions.

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