How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently without Waiting 14 Days [Delete FB Account in 2 Min]

Today I will discuss different types of social media techniques for you. I hope you like it very much. Many of you want to know how to permanently delete your Facebook account.

I will present that technique to you. If you want, you can delete your Facebook account without waiting for 14 days through your computer and Android handset. I will present them to you today.

If for any reason you decide to delete the Facebook ID. Then the Facebook account will take you 30 days. If you login to your Facebook account again in 30 days. Then it will take another 30 days to delete the account.

how to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

Dear friends, I hope you are all well. Today we will let you know through this article how to deactivate your Facebook account before 14 days of permanent. Today we are trying to inform you about those processes through this website.

I hope you like it very much. Facebook is a popular social media platform. There are many reasons why we need to deactivate or delete our Facebook account.

So many people do not know how to delete the Facebook account permanently or temporarily. For this you first have to go to the settings option on Facebook.

How to permanently delete Facebook account in one day

Then there you will see two options called Deactivate and Delete. Clicking on the delete option there will ask you to use your Facebook password. If he clicks on the delete option with the Facebook password,

Delete FB Account in 2 Min

your account will be temporarily deleted for 30 days. If you do not login again using the password within 30 days. Then it will be deleted. Many people want to know how to delete the account permanently.

I will present this information to you. For this, you have to enter Facebook and click on My Delete Account button. Go there and click on submit button with captcha code and password.

How to delete Facebook account permanently without login

Your account will then be temporarily closed for 14 days. If you log in to the account within 14 days. Then after 14 days your account will be deleted automatically.

So friends, I have given you all the information through this article. I hope I have understood you. If you want to know any more information, please let us know in the comments section of our website.

Hello friends, how are you? Welcome to our website. Today I will tell you how to delete your account permanently. If you want to delete the Facebook account, follow the procedure below.

how to delete facebook account permanently immediately without password

For this, you have to press the corner in the Facebook profile option. There you will see three signs. By pressing there you will go to the option called Settings and Privacy.

Then from there you will see an article called Facebook Information. If you click there you want to deactivate or delete Facebook activated Facebook.

You will see such an option. Then you can delete your account by clicking on delete option and filling in the captcha code and password.

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