Doctor Salary in Nepal 2024 [Surgeon, Dermatologist, Army Doctors]

Nepal is called a tourist area. If you go to Nepal at such a time and get sick for any reason, you must take the help of a doctor in the vicinity of Nepal. In addition, many people want to know

how much a doctor’s salary in Nepal. You will get answers to all your questions through the post. As you know, we discuss celery doctors from different countries through our website.

Even today he is no exception. Today we will discuss in detail about the salary of different doctors and experienced doctors in Nepal through this post.

Doctor Salary in Nepal

Basically, a doctor’s salary depends on his experience and his degree. A person working as a doctor in Nepal usually earns one lakh 99 thousand rupees per month.

This increases the average monthly salary, including housing, transportation and other benefits. Besides, the doctor of the emergency department earned one lakh 76 thousand rupees.

Forensic, pathologist, income as two lakh 17 thousand. The mental health doctor earns one lakh 43 thousand rupees per month. Earn 167 thousand rupees from eye specialist experience.

surgeon salary per month in nepal

And the dermatologist earns about 1 lakh 55 thousand rupees per month. How much salary do we get today through this post? A doctor will discuss that in detail.

We will discuss in detail how much salary a doctor with MBBS degree can get. Doctors’ salaries are also determined on the basis of their qualifications

and experience. Doctors can earn from rupee anywhere. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month as initial salary. Candidates who acquire the required skills can

salary of dermatologist in nepal

earn a significant amount starting from Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakh per annum. Doctors can expect increased pay after 9 to 12 years of training in the medical field.

Dear friends, today in this post we will tell you how much money a doctor with MBBS degree gets in Nepal. According to experience, the salary of a doctor depends.

According to him, the salary is fixed along with the accommodation allowance and travel allowance. In Kathmandu-based Nepal,

salary of army doctor in nepal

a doctor’s salary is Rs 7,000. The salary of a medical officer is 31 thousand rupees. In addition, the salaries of different surgeons vary according

to experiences, such as a urologist cardiologist and a nephrologist doctor about 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees per month. So friends, through this post

I have shared all the information with you and they are thorough. If you want to know any more information, visit the website and find out.

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