International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2023 Theme, Poster, Banner, Assembly

The middle class and lower middle class people have been affected the most after the corona epidemic. Because all types of economy were closed due to corona epidemic.

Many people have gone below the poverty line. The current government and the United Nations organize the International Day every year to restore them. Today we will discuss in detail

about International Poverty Eradication Day in front of you through this post. Hope you like it. Every year 17th October is celebrated as International Day for Eradication of Poverty.

The day is celebrated to raise awareness about treatment and hunger. Ways to combat poverty and eradicate financial distress are practiced and initiatives taken.

You can visit our website and view several wallpapers on poverty alleviation. Hope you like it. In 1992, it was decided to observe the Day for the Eradication of Poverty through

various initiatives taken by the United Nations Assembly. In 1992 at the United Nations General Assembly, since 1993 this is the main goal of eradicating poverty which

has been celebrated every year around the world. 1995 was declared the United Nations International Year for the Eradication of Poverty. Since then, countries living below the poverty

line have become more important in eradicating poverty and deprivation. In continuation of this, Bangladesh has recognized Bangladesh from a less developed country

to a developing country in order to combat poverty in the last few decades. United Nations Today I have appeared before you through the post with several links and posts of the United Nations.

Which you can download from our website. Hope you like it very much. Poverty Eradication Day is observed on 17th October every year. On the occasion of this day, different types of banners,

posters, and festoons are put up at the intersections of the roads in different places. Today we are going to present several posters of Poverty Day in front of you through this post.

If you want to download it or want to design banner poster festoon. You can get some idea about it by visiting our website. We are trying to discuss some better information in front of you.

Dear Friends, Are you searching the Internet for some poverty alleviation drawing cartoons and posters? Through these we know how poverty can be eradicated and what is the current status of women.

So there are several drawing cartoons in front of you. Which you can download from our website. Poverty Eradication Day is observed on 17 October every year. Poverty is the biggest curse of human life.

And to get rid of this curse and establish a self-reliant life, the International Poverty Eradication Day is being celebrated every year on October 17 by the initiative of the United Nations.

On December 22, 1992, the United Nations General Assembly declared October 17 as Poverty Eradication Day. The day is celebrated with due dignity all over the world including Bangladesh.

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