How to Delete Facebook Account without Password or Email [Check Process]

Today we will tell you through this post how to delete Facebook account. If for any reason we may need to delete the Facebook account. Come to our website and see which method

you will follow to delete your Facebook account without password. This task is very easy. If you want, you can delete Facebook ID using computer and mobile.

Today we will show you how to delete your Facebook account through a screenshot. Facebook is the most popular social network site in the world. Millions of people use social media.

How to Delete Facebook Account without Password

If you want to delete a Facebook account for many reasons, you can find out by visiting the website. Hello friends, today we will tell you how to delete your Facebook ID forever.

Since we use Facebook apps most of the time. So first I will show the process on my mobile then how to delete this account through the computer.

Let me know. First, you open the mobile Facebook app and touch the top right. Then you scroll down and you will see an option in Settings and Privacy. Click there. Then you will see some options again.

how to delete a facebook account on iphone without password?

At number 2 you will see an option called Privacy Shortcut. You will now be taken to the Privacy Shortcut page. Scroll down to your Facebook Information option.

How to Delete a Facebook Account on iPhone

Then click the Delete Your Account and Information button. Then you can see the two options. If you want to know whether you want to deactivate the account or delete the account

if you want to delete the permanent account then select the number two option. Then enter your account password. Then click Delete Account.

how to delete facebook account on phone

Your account will then be temporarily closed for 30 days. If you do not login with password and email address within 30 days. Then after 30 days

How to Delete Facebook Account without Password

your account will be permanently deleted. However, if you login by mistake. If you login again in 30 days with email address and password. Your account will be restored.

So friends, through this post I have given you all the information. Hope you understand. Many of you want to know how to delete a Facebook account.

how to delete old facebook account without password or email reddit

If you want, you can delete your account with your Android phone or mobile. That’s why you have to adopt some methods. To delete Facebook

on a computer or laptop, open the Facebook website. If you are logged out of Facebook, login. Then go to the homepage on Facebook,

you will see a down arrow at the top right, click there or click where you logout from. You can delete your account by following the following instructions.

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