iPhone 15 Release Date, Price, Launch Date in Malaysia [15 Pro Max]

As you know, iPhone is ruling the mobile world these days. iPhone is one such phone. The model and security of the phone is much stronger and its performance is much better than other brands of mobiles.

So many weaknesses of people work towards Mi phone mobile. Every year the Apple authorities come up with different updated versions of their phones.

Recently, Apple authorities are going to launch the 15th series on September 22. Then you must know what the configuration of this model of iPhone is. 

iPhone 15 Release Date in Malaysia

Today’s article is going to be very important for you. Through this post, I will discuss in detail about the price of iPhone in front of you. Read the article carefully from beginning to end.

In addition to using the iPhone as a video camera, the camera phone can also be used as a media player. Internet media. Visual voice mail client can be used as WiFi.

Although these gadgets are quite expensive. It is reliable quality and dedicated service. Because this smartphone is one of the other brands. 

iphone 15 price in malaysia 2023

The price of iPhone 12 was fixed at 1 lakh 46 thousand taka. After the release, the price of this phone in Bangladesh increased further.

Recently, the iPhone authorities are going to bring their iPhone 15th series of phones to the market. The price of iPhone 15 is set at 1099 USD which is around 1 lakh 90 thousand Bangladeshi taka.

Apple authorities will bring this phone to the 15th market in Malaysia on September 15. Through this post, when will the iPhone 15 be launched in Malaysia?

iphone 15 launch date in malaysia

I will show you the detailed idea about that. The 15th series of iPhone is coming on 15th September 2023. Those of you who are eager to know about this phone.

They will definitely want to know about the specifications of this phone. This phone uses a 6.7 inch Cornea AMOLED display. Along with this,

three 48-megapixel cameras of 12-megapixel and a 12-megapixel camera have been used as the front camera. Then I was able to give you detailed information through the post.

iphone 15 pro max price in malaysia

Before buying an iPhone, you need to know what features are included in this iPhone. The security system of the phone is very high.

No one can control or hack the phone. Its operating system is more advanced. Also, thinking about the customers, this phone has

used a battery of 4000 MHz. So friends, through this post I have given you detailed information about the release date of iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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