How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on [iPhone, Android, iOS 15, iOS 14]

We all use smartphones. Smartphones are useful for us. We use smartphones for everything from internet to talking, Facebook and so on. But at present, a big problem of smartphones is that there is no charge.

So nowadays the big brands have noticed that these batteries have more charge. But you can do more with the battery of your iPhone or Android device by taking some steps

and taking some precautions. For this, you have to adopt some methods. Read this article to know how to make your phone battery last longer.

Earlier phones used removable mobile batteries all the time. But nowadays all the working batteries are there. Which can never be removed. For that, you must use the phone

with caution and know how to hold the phone charged. In this case, I will tell you not to charge your phone battery 100% at any time. Always keep your phone charged between 80

and 90 percent. And once a week, fully charge your phone. When you are out of the house or you are not getting the network signal on your mobile phone or the network

signal is only 1 point, the signal with which you can not talk to anyone or the signal you do not need. In that case, you immediately put the phone in airplane mode.

Airplane mode will shut down all activities of your phone and in that case, the battery consumption of your mobile phone will be much less.

Everyone uses a mobile phone. Now everyone should know how to make the battery of an iPhone last longer. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your phone.

Turn off unnecessary ‘settings’ on mobile phones. In this case, turn off location, wifi, Bluetooth connection. Also notifications on your phone that are turned on.

Turn them off. Because every time the notification actually flashes on your phone again and again. So the battery is more expensive. And that’s why turning off these can

save a lot of battery cost. Reduce the display brightness of your mobile phone. This is because the higher the display brightness, the higher the battery waste of the phone.

The brighter or brighter your phone is, the more battery charge it will lose. So if you want to save battery charge, keep the brightness low. When using mobile at night,

use the night mode option of the mobile. Many of you want to know how to charge iPhone battery. Recharge your phone to have at least 20% of your mobile phone.

Never charge your phone 100%. If it is 80% or 90%, open the charger and use it. Never use or play games with a phone charge. Never charge the phone in a hot place.

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