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You must have heard the name Jannat Zubair. Yes, he is the one we are going to talk about today. An Indian actress and tick talk star. Today we have the personal information

of the popular actress through the article. I will tell you the biography of Net Price or Annual Income. There are popular social media platforms.

Due to this he has gained a lot of popularity in many countries of the world. Today we will follow the personal information of the popular actress, Instagram follower through this article.

jannat zubair has about 3 crore 95 lakh 44 thousand 427 followers in his account. So friends let us discuss the details of this popular actress. I hope you like it very much.

If you want to know any more information, please let us know in the comments section of our website. I will try to present to you all kinds of information.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is an Indian child actor. Voice actress and singer. She was born on August 29, 2002. As of 2021, his current age is 19 years. She was born in Mumbai, India.

She is currently living with his family in Mumbai, India. She is hugely popular on Instagram. Today we have all the information of popular actresses through this article, recently arranged

this article with our collection of pictures. Hope you like it very much. The popular actress was born on August 29, 2001. His name is Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Jannat Zubair Rahman’s height is 1.63 meters.

Weight 52 kg. She is currently unmarried. Jannat zubair lover’s name is Siddhartha Nigam. The color of his eyes is dark brown. Hair color is dark brown. His religion is Islam.

Its current value is about 1.2 million US dollars. She also passed high school. She then studied at Asput Public School, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

For your convenience, today we have given some popular actresses and recent pictures on our website through this article. Those of you who follow popular actresses.

They can be viewed from our website. Those of you who want to know some recent information of Jannat Zubair Rahman on various social media. I will give you all the information through this.

I hope you like it very much. Today’s article has several flair on his Instagram. Today’s article will be very good for you. Instagram has about 1.5 million followers.

This large number of followers has taken him to the top of popularity. Born in 2003, the popular actress started acting on TV when she was just eight years old.

She was the first to act as a child in a TV series. Since then she has gained popularity as a singer. Through this article, I have given you all the information about popular actresses, bio data and wiki.

I hope you understand. If you want to know any more information, please let us know in the comments on our website. I will try my best to present all kinds of information to you.

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