Labaid Hospital Doctor List, Appointment, Serial Number

Through today’s article, I am informing you that the list of doctors in Labaid Hospital. You often want to know about the list of doctors in internet hospitals.

Labaid Hospital is located in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh and is a reputed hospital. The quality of medical care in this hospital is very good. So you often want to know about the list

of internet hospital doctors and specialist doctors. Today we will discuss detailed information about Labit Hospital all branch addresses in front of you through this post.

This hospital is the hospital of Bangladesh. Hospitals have branches in all divisions of Bangladesh. So friends, let’s know about which specialist doctors are there in Labaid Hospital.

Hospital Medicine Specialist, Neuro Medicine, Thoracic Specialist, Oncologist, Pike Specialist, Heart Specialist, Orthopedic Specialist, Sexual Disease Specialist, Hormone Specialist,

Kidney Specialist, Diabetic Specialist, Paediatrician, Ear Nose Throat Specialist, Liver Specialist, Gynecologist, There are neurologists, psychiatrists and specialists,

rheumatologists, doctors, etc. List of Labaid Hospital Doctors and Doctors serving their other branches including Dhaka Sylhet. Labaid Hospital has four specialty hospitals and 30 diagnostic centers.

Today through this post I will discuss the detailed information about Labaid Hospital Doctors List in front of you. Hope you will like today’s article very much.

Today we will talk about Labaid diagnostic center doctor list and mobile number you are looking for Labaid diagnostic center address and mobile number. They have come to the right place.

It provides services to people 24 hours a day. So I will give you detailed information about Labaid Diagnostic Center doctor list. Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz MBBS, FCPS Nose Ear

and Throat Specialist Doctor Serial Number 01766663099, Dr. Swadesh Burman MBBS, BCS, MSc Cancer Chemotherapy Specialist Serial No. 01766663099,

Dr. Mohammad Lutfar Rahman MBBS, MD Dermatology, Sexual and Diabetes Specialist Serial No. 01766663099, Dr. Ferdous Ara Sheikh Happy MBBS, MS Gynecologist Specialist

Labaid Hospital Doctor List

Doctor Rangpur Medical College Hospital Serial No. Number for — 01766663099, All of you come to the internet and want to know about the list of doctors in the hospital.

So today through this post I will discuss in detail about the list of doctors of Labaid Diagnostic Center. Labaid has its main branch in Dhaka. And today we will talk about Labaid Diagnostic Center in Rangpur.

Labaid Diagnostic Center in Rangpur is an advanced diagnostic center. All types of high quality treatment are provided here. ICU is arranged here for special patients.

Many people from Rangpur division come to this Labaid to see patients. Doctor Md. Kamruzzaman Sarkar MBBS, FCPS Medicine Specialist Doctor Serial Number 01766663099.

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