Labor Day Weekend 2024 [When is Labor Day Weekend]

In 1886 AD, the world witnessed the tragic event that happened in the city of Chicago, America. 10 to 12 workers were killed in the police attack on workers that day. Today’s Labor Day is celebrated

around the incident of that day. That day was May 1, 1886. Today we will discuss Labor Day History, Labor Day Date etc. If you are interested to know about this then read this post with full attention.

Read this post to learn about the history of Labor Day. You can know which countries celebrate Labor Day and some countries celebrate Labor Day in other months.

Labor Day Weekend 2024

Labor Day is mainly celebrated for exploited workers. In the 19th century, workers had to work 10 to 15 hours a day. Also had to work seven days a week. In protest against that work,

there was a movement for 8 hours of work per day. The police opened fire on that movement. In 1886 AD, the tragic incident happened in the Hay Market of Chicago, USA.

On that day, many workers took to the field to press for their demands. Necessarily for some reason, the policemen who surrounded them that day opened fire on the workers.

when is labor day weekend

About 10 to 12 workers were killed in their firing. Since 1904, May 1st has been celebrated as Labor Day around the world since 1904. Labor Day is celebrated in about 80 countries of the world.

Labor Day Weekend 2024

Bangladesh is one of them. May 1st is also celebrated as International Labor Day in Bangladesh. Labor Day is celebrated in the month of September in almost several

countries of the world. Examples include Canada and the United States. Labor Day is celebrated in Canada and the United States in September.

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There is a class of people who grow up taking care of the poor. The poor remain poor and the rich grow bigger. A labor movement took place in 1886 against their actions.

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The movement was ambushed by the police and 10 to 12 workers were killed. Today’s Labor Day is based on that incident. Every year a girl’s day is celebrated in memory of those martyrs.

Also, this day is observed to remind the people who grow up sucking the blood of the workers to claim the rights of the workers. This day is observed in about 80 countries of the world.

Memorial Day to Labor Day 2024

In some other countries, this day is celebrated on a different day. The history of International Labor Day is described above. If you want to know more details about this

then you can see other posts on our website. Or International Labor Day is published in detail on Banglapedia. You can see it if you want.

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