Labour Day Hashtags 2024, Caption, Status [Against Child Labour Hashtags]

Are you interested in knowing about Labor Day? If you are interested to know about labor day then read this post with full attention. We have discussed in detail about Labor Day in our post today.

If you read our post carefully from the beginning to the end, you will know more about labor day and also about different types of labor day hashtags. Labor Day or International Workers Day is celebrated on 1st May.

International Workers’ Day is celebrated on September 5 in most countries of the world, but in some other countries including America and Canada, this day is celebrated in the month of September.

Labour Day Hashtags 2024

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in these countries. By celebrating Labor Day, we remember the workers of the past. Because even a few centuries ago

workers did not get the wages they deserved for their work. They worked most of the day and worked six days a week. Whose remuneration was very insignificant.

And for this, they lived a very difficult life and to remember the hardships and sacrifices of these workers and to show respect and honor to the workers, September 5 is recognized as Workers’ Day all over the world.

labour day caption 2024

Around 88 countries around the world officially celebrate May 1 as Labor Day. On this day, workers in our country and other countries take to the streets and protest.

They also organize various festivals. In the past workers used to work around 10 to 12 hours a day. But in return, they got very little wages. And for this, the workers united on May 4, 1886,

in the Hay Market of Chicago, United States, and the workers protested to reduce the working day and to pay them their due wages. And the police fired

world day against child labour hashtags

on the workers in this movement. Due to which 11 workers were killed there. And for all these reasons, the International Socialist Congress in 1940 recognized May Day

as Labor Day or International Workers’ Day to honor workers and to remember the sacrifices of workers in the past. Since 1940, this day is celebrated with great

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