Labour Day History in Canada, Australia, Hindi, NZ, Pakistan, Trinidad

Are you curious about Labor Day? Or want to learn about the history of Labor Day? If the answer is yes then this post is for you. Today in this post we will discuss about Labor Day.

Through this post, you will know about the history of Labor Day. Today’s Labor Day i.e. 1st of May, this day has not come yet. It has a history. We will discuss this history today.

To know about this history, read the post with full attention. In 1886, workers gathered in front of the Hay Market in the American city of Chicago to demand an 8-hour work day.

labour day history canada

They are surrounded by police forces. Suddenly, the police started firing on the workers after unidentified people hurled a bomb at the police. As a result, about 10 to 12 workers and police were killed.

Today’s Labor Day is based on that incident. In 1886, Labor Day is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of the martyrs in front of Hay Market in Chicago, USA. This day is officially celebrated in 80 countries.

Besides, Labor Day is also celebrated in America. But it is celebrated in the month of September instead of May. If you want to know more detailed information about Labor Day,

Labor Day history for students

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Working people in many countries demanded that May 1st be observed as a public holiday, and in many countries it was implemented. However, May Day is not celebrated as Labor Day

in several American countries. For example, in Canada, Labor Day is observed in September and is celebrated on the first Monday of September. India is a country in Asian continent.

labour day history in hindi, urdu, tamil, nz, pakistan, trinidad

Labor Day in India is celebrated on 1st May as International Labor Day. Like other countries, Labor Day is also celebrated in India on this day. Like India, May 1 is celebrated as Labor Day

in several other countries of the Asian continent. We have discussed Labor Day in other posts on our website. If you want to know them, check out other posts on our website.

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Several countries in the Americas do not celebrate Labor Day on May 1. For example, Labor Day is not celebrated on May 1st in Canada.

In Canada, the first Monday of September is officially declared Labor Day. It was announced in 1894 AD by the then Prime Minister. Similarly,

Labor Day is celebrated on the same day in the United States, that is, the first Monday of September is also celebrated as Labor Day in the United States.

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