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If you are interested in knowing about Labor Day? So read this post of ours from the beginning to the end with full attention. You can know about different types of posters

or poster designs of Labor Day or Labor Day and different slogans of Labor Day. Labor Day is celebrated on 1st of May i.e. Pahela May. This day is observed as a very important day in our world.

In some other countries including our country, this day is a public holiday and this day is celebrated officially. Labor Day is a very important day.

Labor Day Poster 2022

On this day, the workers of different countries of the world organize various meetings and festivals. Also on this day they take to the streets and do various movements.

Because in the past, the workers of different countries in the world did not get the remuneration they deserved for their hard work. Due to which they lived a very inhuman and insignificant life.

And so many people want to see or read different types of posters about this Labor Day. And for this, they enter various websites online. So we have published

labour day background, template

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In the past workers worked 6 days a week and 10 to 12 hours. But in return they did not get their due remuneration. For this, in 1986, workers gathered

at the Hay Market in Chicago, USA and started agitating for an eight-hour working day. The police opened fire on the workers during this movement.

labour day poster free download

And 11 workers were killed in this firing. And in the International Socialist Congress held in July 1890, May 1 was recognized as International Workers’ Day.

And this day of May every year reminds us of the movement of 1886. And on this first day of May, many people write different types of posters to pay tribute to the workers. So we have published some beautiful

poster designs of Labor Day on our website you can see them from our website. Many people want to write different types of Labor Day posters to pay tribute to workers

labour day poster with slogan

on Labor Day or Labor Day. Also, to participate in different movements on Labor Day, many people enter different websites online and search

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