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Are you interested in knowing about International Labor Day or International Labor Day? If you are interested to know about International Labor Day or Workers Day then read

our post with your full attention from the beginning to the end. If you read our post carefully from the beginning to the end, you will know more about International Labor Day.

In our country, Labor Day is celebrated on September 5. It is also celebrated as May Day. On this day, workers observe various movements, meetings and festivals.

International Labor Day 2022 Theme

International Labor Day is a very important day so many people want to know about the history of this day. So today we discussed International Labor Day in detail.

September 5 or International Labor Day is a public holiday in some other countries including our country. In the past, workers in our world lived very meager lives.

Because then they were not paid their due wages. As a result, they spent their days in great difficulty. In those days laborers were toiled for 10 to 12 hours a day.

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But they did not get what they deserved in return. And for all these reasons, the workers then united and organized different movements to get their due wages.

A total of 88 countries, including our country, officially celebrate May Day as International Workers’ Day. Also, this day is celebrated privately in other countries.

Because in 1886, on September 5 workers protested in Hay Market in Chicago, USA, demanding an 8-hour work day. But the police opened fire

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on the workers in this movement. Due to which 11 workers were killed in them. And for this, this day is celebrated as International Labor Day.

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Around 88 countries around the world observe May Day as International Workers’ Day. However, this day is not celebrated on the first

of May in some other countries including America and Canada. In America and Canada, this day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

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