How to Close Apps on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro [Check] Keyboard Shortcut

Those of you who are thinking of using a MacBook or buying a MacBook. Good news for them. You may encounter some problems after purchase. Because there are several

differences between using a Windows computer and a MacBook. Running apps take up a lot of memory and slow down your MacBook. Many of you shorten these but they are running in the background.

They can cause your laptop and your MacBook to slow down. Today we will let you know through this post. How do you stop these running apps? Today we will present some

information to you through this post. If you read this article carefully, I hope you will understand. All the information so let’s not go into the main discussion.

One of the most common ways to stop running apps is to close the button. The best way to close an app window using the trackpad is the close button,

you can always close the app by navigating to the X at the top left corner of the app window. Another way to close the app is to use the menu bar.

The menu bar lets you leave the running app by navigating the cursor to the top menu bar, clicking on the name of the app and selecting Exit. This way you can

close the necessary apps of your MacBook Many of you wanted to know how to turn off MacBook ads. You can use the board command to close these apps.

Here’s another quick keyboard shortcut that will allow you to skip running apps To close running apps on your Mac, press Command + Tab to switch to running apps,

there is another simple way to close the app. This way friends will be able to know all the information. You can close running apps by pressing Command + Option + Esc.

So, friends, I hope you understand through this post. Guys, many of you know how to turn off all kinds of ads on MacBook. He wanted to know about

it because you know that running on the screen or running apps can be slow. That’s why you must stop. You click the red X button at the top left

of your app window. This way you can close his MacBook apps. One of the easiest ways to close applications on a Mac computer is to move your mouse

cursor to the top of your screen. Click on the name of the app next to the Apple logo icon in the top menu. This way you can get your work done.

So friend, through this post I have shared all the information with you. Hope you understand. If you want to get any more information, please visit the website.

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