Nokia E7 Max Premium 2022 (5G): Price, Specification, Launch Date, Features, Colour, Design

You may be aware of Nokia’s various series of mobiles but you may not be aware of this mobile. Nokia e7 Those who have heard the mobile name. They can get details about the mobile from our website.

This is going to be very important for you. Today’s article is about Nokia E7 Max Premium price release date and specification if you want. Find out by visiting our website.

It is coming to market soon. Those of you who are thinking of purchasing this phone. They must know the details about the specifications and configuration of this phone.

Nokia E7 Max Premium 2022 (5G)

So for your convenience, we will discuss in detail about the price and specification of this phone through our post. Read the article from beginning to end.

Nokia e7 Max Premium version uses 6.0 MHz Bluetooth network. 108 megapixel, 48 megapixel and 16-megapixel cameras have been used. Which will give you the great feeling

of taking pictures with ultra wide camera. You can take more pictures in less space with this Nokia phone. Also used in this phone is 8 GB RAM and a great battery of 7 thousand megawatts.

nokia e7 max premium launch date 2022

Which you can use for a maximum of two days and talk for 18 hours continuously. So friends, through this post I have given the details of all the phones of Nokia e7 Max Premium version.

Hope you like it. Many of you wanted to know more about the price of Nokia E7 Max Premium version phone. Today we will let you know through this post. This phone uses a large display of 6.7 inches.

It uses a display of 1400 * 2168 pixels. In this way, you can watch videos and pictures of everything like you. Don’t worry about display protection.

Nokia E7 Max Premium price, specifications, Features, design

The front and back are protected by High Gloss Premium Corning Gorilla Glass 7. Its gorgeous design will catch anyone’s eye. Once this phone is unveiled and you see it,

we assure you that you will not hesitate to buy it. I am going to start today’s article by welcoming you to the tech world. In this post I will discuss with you the detailed

configuration of Nokia series model phone. Those of you who want to buy the Nokia e7. Then you must know the details of the iPhone to buy a phone with your hard-earned taka.

nokia e7 max premium 5G gsmarena, color

Note that this phone uses the largest 8000 MHz battery. Which you can use for a maximum of three days. In the meantime you don’t have to do any tension without any charge.

Nokia E7 Max Premium will have huge storage. It will have 12 / 16GB RAM and 256 / 512GB ROM. If you want to play a graphical Android game,

this phone is most suitable. So friends, through this post I have given you all the information. Hope you understand.

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