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Do you want to know about the popular football player Riyad Mahrez? If you are interested to know about Riyad Mahrez then read our post. Today in our post we will discuss about Riyad Mahrez.

If you read this post of ours with full attention from the beginning to the end then you will know about the famous football player Riyad Mahrez. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Today, young women are very interested in playing football. And so they express interest in knowing about football players as well as playing football.

And that’s why today we have discussed about a popular football player Riyad Mahrez in this post. Riyad Mahrez is a very popular football player.

He plays football for France. If there were 10 popular players in France, Riyad Mahrez would be one of them. Riyad Mahrez plays very good football.

He became popular with the audience in football games according to his football playing skills and abilities. He is a citizen of France. Due to his popularity in football,

many people want to know various information about him. For example, someone wants to know about his annual income and monthly income and someone wants to know about his age,

his family, his year of birth etc. And so that Riyad Mahrez fans can know more about Riyad Mahrez, we have discussed in detail in several other posts on our website.

You can read other posts on our website if you want. Riyad Mahrez is a citizen of France. His nationality is Algerian. Many people want to know the age of this Riyad Mahrez.

And to know his age, many people enter different websites online and search by typing his age. So for you to know the age of Riyad Mahrez very easily,

we have discussed the age of Riyad Mahrez beautifully in this post on our website. Riyad Mahrez was born on 21 February 1991 in France. He is currently 31 years old.

Also his average height is 1.79 meters. Riyad Mahrez has a daughter. whose name is Anaya Mahrez. Riyad Mahrez plays for France’s Manchester City F.C.

And his football team name is Algeria national football team. Manchester City F.C is a very good and famous football club. Many people want to know how much taka salary Riyad Mahrez gets every month.

And so we have discussed in this post how much Riyad Mahrez’s salary is per month. If you want to know about the salary of Riyad Mahrez, then keep an eye on this post.

Riyad Mahrez is a very popular football player and his monthly salary is very high for a famous player. His monthly salary is around 10 to 15 lakh taka.

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