Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 2023: Price, Specs, Review, Release Date, Colours, Features

Good news for mobile lovers. Because you know that we regularly discuss in detail with our brand mobile phone reviews and configuration from our website.

Even today he is no exception. Today we will discuss the specification of such a phone through this post. Which is bound to attract you to the phone. Today we will discuss in detail about the price

and specification of Samsung Galaxy A50 through this post. Read and take a closer look at the article from beginning to end. You can also purchase the phone from a number

of online marketplaces if you wish. I hope you find it very useful. The Samsung Galaxy A52s model uses a code 2.4 GHz CPU. Also used Snapdragon processor chipset

and Android operating system. And 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage used. The phone also has four ultra wide cameras of 64 megapixels, 12 megapixels, 5 megapixels

and 5 megapixels and a 32 megapixel front camera. This phone also has a 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display. This phone uses a 4500 MHz li-polymer removable battery.

Which will give you great charging backup. So friends, through this post I have given you all the information. Hope you like it enough.

As you know, we have a series of phone reviews of various models from our website and discuss in detail about almost. We will criticize them through today’s post.

Fifty 2500 uses 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internet internal storage in Samsung Galaxy. Android operating system 11 is used and 2.4 GHz processor is used.

Which will give you a great feeling of eating while running the phone. The phone also has a 64-megapixel 5-megapixel camera and a 32-megapixel camera for selfies.

This phone also uses Bluetooth 5.0. Which will give you a great Bluetooth networking system. Those of you who want to know more about the price of Samsung A52s this phone in 2022 and almost.

Then come to our website. Through we will discuss all the information. This phone has a 6.5 inch display and uses 6GB ROM and 128GB internal storage.

Also used are 64 megapixel primary and 32 megapixel front camera. Li-polymer 45 MHz battery has been used. Which you will get 14 through

which 20 hours of continuous charging backup. The C-type charging system on the phone allows you to charge 50 percent in 15 minutes.

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