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You must have heard the name of this player Trent Alexander-Arnold. He was born on October 7, 1998. He is an English professional footballer. Who played as a banker

for Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. Alexander joined Liverpool’s academy in 2007. In 2016, at the age of 18, he made senior debits

and played in the 2018 and 2019 finals. That’s how he became a successful football star. Today we will discuss Trent Alexander-Arnold through this post. I hope you like it very much.

Parent Alexander He is an English successful professional footballer. Today we will discuss about him in detail through this post. Read the article and find out more about it.

He was born on October 7, 1998. As of 2022, his current age is 24 years. He was born in Liverpool, England. Trent Alexander-Arnold His height is 5 feet 9 inches

or 175 centimeters. His current team is Liverpool. He played for Liverpool from 2004 to 2006. He has scored a maximum of 17 goals for England in 2018.

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Today we will present to you all the information including a popular football star of England through this post. Heard your Alexander name. Who was born on October 7, 1998?

He lives in Liverpool, England. His current age is 24 years. Trent Alexander-Arnold has a height of 1.8 meters. His citizenship is England he played for the PLC Liverpool club.

The current contract will expire on June 30, 2025. I hope I have been able to inform you all through the post. If you want to get more information, please visit the website.

I am going to start today’s article by welcoming everyone. How are you all Today we will discuss in detail about the popular English football star Trent Alexander-Arnold through this post?

trent alexander-arnold was born on October 7, 1998. His birthplace is Liverpool. He currently plays for the England national team. So friends, through this post,

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