How to Hide WhatsApp Chat without Archive [iPhone, Android]

What is the message on WhatsApp? However, by turning off Read Receipts from the privacy option, you will not see a blue tick even if you read that message. However, there are problems here.

Because, when you open WhatsApp to read that message, it will show you online again. So it is important to know how to reply to WhatsApp messages while keeping yourself offline.

Today we will let you know through this post how to turn off the chat option on WhatsApp. It will be useful to send only text messages without seeing pictures or videos on WhatsApp.

So if you read the article carefully, you will know more detailed information about it. Today we will let you know through this post how you can turn off the chat option on WhatsApp.

You will find the Reply option at the bottom of the message in the notification on Android phone. If you reply by tapping there, WhatsApp will not show you online,

it will show you offline. Turn off phone data and Wi-Fi first. If necessary, you can enable airplane mode. Then open your WhatsApp chat, type a message, send a reply,

come out of WhatsApp and turn on the phone’s internet connection. Besides, if you want, you can do this only by closing whatsapp.exe. So friends, through this post

I have shared all the information with you. Hope you understand. If you want to get any more information, visit the website and find out.

WhatsApp is a very popular social media nowadays. We use this WhatsApp to chat with different people and share different pictures or important files.

Many times we chat with our favorite people on WhatsApp. First, open the WhatsApp app from your phone. After opening the WhatsApp app, you will usually see your chat list in full.

Now select which chat you want to hide. To do this, click on the name of the person you want to hide the chat and hold down with your finger.

Then you will see some options above. This way you can turn off the chat option of your WhatsApp. I hope you understand through the post.

Welcoming everyone is going to start today’s article. Today, through this post, I will tell you how to archive messages on WhatsApp. Read the article carefully

from beginning to end and learn more about it. I hope you understand all the information. For this, first, you need to access WhatsApp from your iPhone.

You have to tap the settings icon at the bottom of the screen. From the Settings option, select Account then Privacy. One must enter the

Last Scene option from the privacy settings. And to hide the last scene, you have to select the new option. Through this post, I have given you all the information.

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