Apple IDot 2024 (5G): Price, Specification, Release Date, Feature

Many of you want to know the current price of different brands of mobiles and Android devices. Today we will discuss in detail the price and configuration of different models

of Apple iPhone in front of you. Those of you who are thinking of buying different types of electronic devices. You can see it from our website. Today we are discussing the prices of different

brands of mobiles in detail through our website. Read the article from beginning to end. This smartphone from Apple has 4 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. The battery capacity is eleven hundred MHz.

Apple IDot 2024 (5G) Phone Release Date

Those of you who want to use the Apple IDot phone.  You can find detailed information about the price and configuration of the phone from our website. Would you like to buy your different types

of electronic devices and find out about these prices? Then today on our website we will discuss all the information in detail in front of you through this website.

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apple idot keypad phone price 2024

You get the display of this phone is 3.5 inches and the camera is 5 megapixels and it has a battery of eleven hundred MHz. The storage of this brand Apple IDot mobile phone is much more than the price.

Apple IDot 2024: Price, Specification, Feature

It has about 16 GB storage. In this you will get 4G 4G 3G WiFi Bluetooth and internet facility. We hope you find out more about Apple IDot in this brand of phone through this post.

You will be very happy to see that we will let you know through this post today. Read the article carefully from beginning to end. You want to know about Apple’s mobile phone.

apple idot phone specification, Feature

Come to our website. The smartphone of this brand was released on December 4, 2021. Apple IDot costs around 10 thousand rupees. Apple IDot’s primary camera is 13 megapixels. Battery capacity 1100 MHz.

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You can use dual nano SIM. The network technology is 2g 3g 4g and the display of this model smartphone is 3.5 inches. So friends, how was today’s article?

Don’t forget to comment. If you want to get any more information, please visit our website. Want to know the model and price of your Apple IDot phone?

apple idot keypad phone launch date 2024

Then come to our website. Through this website, I will discuss the detailed information in front of you. This phone with 3.5 inch display is priced at Rs 10,000.

iPhone 14 Pro Max 2024: Price, Release Date, Features

It has about 16 GB of storage and supports 4G 3G and 5 networks. The handset supports dual SIM and both the SIMs support

GSM / 3G / HSPA + / LTE / 4G technology. Other connectivity options include 5G, 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS. I hope you enjoy this article.

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