iPhone 15 Release Date, Price in India [iPhone 15 Pro Max]

Welcome to the world of mobile. For those of you who use an iPhone or are thinking about using an iPhone. They must come to our website to know all the information

about the latest model of iPhone. Today’s article is going to be very important for you. Those of you who want to know detailed information about the configuration of iPhone 15.

The article is going to be very important for those who have. So without further ado let’s get to the main discussion. About when this phone is going to hit the market in India at present. 

iPhone 15 Release Date in India 2023

I will share all that information with you through this post.  So guys, without further ado let’s move to the main discussion. Just hearing the name of iPhone, it seems that everyone feels elite.

Those of you who want to buy different models of iPhone. Definitely buy a good phone with your hard earned money and buy an original iPhone. Today we will present to you through this post.

When is the latest model of the iPhone going to be released in the market? The article is going to be very important for you. This phone with 6.7 NC display is going to hit 

iphone 15 pro max price in india

the market on 31 October 2023. You can buy this latest model for a maximum of Rs 87,500. Today we will tell you about the release date of iPhone 15 Pro Max through this post.

Generally, the worldwide release will be on 31st September. The official price of the phone is set at 1099 USD. Which in Bangladeshi Taka according to the current dollar price

may be a little more than one lakh Taka. Hopefully, through this post, we have been able to give a detailed idea about the model of this phone in front of us. 

iphone 15 release date and price

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Through this post, I will present all the information about when the iPhone 15 Max will be released. Read and see the article carefully

iphone 15 release date in india in hindi

from beginning to end. The iPhone uses six GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It uses 6.5 inch Gorilla Cornea class and 2550 battery

and the iPhone XI model method. 48 megapixel camera used 12 megapixel front camera. Hope friends, through this

post you have got detailed idea about this phone. And if you want to get any information please visit our website.

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